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infinity Open Water swim sessions are designed to teach you the technical swim skills required for open water swimming through specifically structured workouts. Through these sessions with your infinity Peak Performance coach the aim is to develop your knowledge of water safety, open water swim skill, open water swim fitness and endurance all of these helping to reach your potential during your chosen event be it Triathlon, Marathon distance swimming or short course open water events.

infinity Open Water swim sessions will be led by Triathlon Ireland and Swim Ireland Swim Coach Sean Mc Donnell and the infinity Crew.  infinity Crew including Pádraig Mallon, Milo McCourt and Aoiffe Lynch have vast amount of experience and knowledge in both participating and supporting swimmers during their record-breaking open water swims and achievement their full potential.


infinity Open Water swim schedule:

Dates: May through September

Coached infinity Open Water swim format:

  • 0600hrs Prompt start with an 5-8 min core warm-up/jog (wetsuits at waist).
  • 0610 – 0620hrs: Safety talk, lake conditions update, educational tips, workout description.
  • 0620hrs: 10-minute swim warm-up, mass group.
  • 0630hrs: Swim circuits groups based on swim ability


Included with infinity Open Water

  • Coached and supervised open water swim training.
  • Training in skills required for open water.
  • Education on open water swim demands for triathlon swimming.


infinity Open Water sessions guarantee to

  • develop and improve your open water swim skills.
  • Ensure you are fresher and more efficient getting to T1
  • Improve your open water swim confidence



Be able to swim:

  • 1500m continuously in under 35 minutes.
  • 1,000 Metres under 25 minutes.

If you have not previously attended any of our open water swim sessions before, please contact us to schedule an infinity Swim Assessment before commencing infinity Open Water.


What to bring?

  • Triathlon swimming wetsuit, goggles, brightly coloured swim cap.
  • We also highly recommend swim tow floats to help ensure safety.

Although we provide water safety, swimmers must be aware they ultimately swim at their own risk.