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infinity Peak Performance 1:1 bespoke training plan

infinity Peak Performance delivers a fully personalised training plan, tailored to your individual needs. infinity Peak Performance methodology is based around current scientific research and evidence base to help maximise the return per training hour. At infinity Peak Performance the key goal is to have performance success without chasing performance.

Your infinity Peak Performance 1:1 bespoke training plan will be delivered using the ‘Training Peaks’ Software Platform, which will be used by your coach for detailed analysis of completed sessions and prescribe training on a daily/weekly basis.

What comes on this plan:

  • Free initial Consultation with your coach.
  • Monthly and Yearly Goal setting.
  • Establishing and setting up of accurate Training Zones - Heart Rate/Pace & Power zones for Swim/Bike/Run.
  • Continuous testing on a monthly basis to both help track and monitor improvements to better establish Strengths and weaknesses of each individual.
  • Structured workouts which can be linked to your smart trainer for indoor workouts. To make training easier.
  • Monthly video call/phone call or face to face catch up to review the months training and discuss goals for the next block of training.
  • Unlimited contact offered with your coach via Text, Whatsapp, Email and phone.

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