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Swim Analysis


infinity Swim Analysis sessions are towards all levels of freestyle swimmers.

Whether you are looking to perfect your swimming stroke or wanting to identify aspects of your stroke that are holding you back infinity Swim Analysis and infinity Swim Analysis + will identify the keys to your improvement and success.

Using high quality HD video footage, you will have the opportunity to see yourself swim from many different angles.  The analysis of the footage will take place in real-time, poolside.  Your infinity Peak Performance coach will be identifying areas of your swim stroke that are holding you back in the water.  Your infinity Peak Performance coach will highlight drills, techniques and training methods that will help you develop your performance and improve your efficiency through the water.

Once your infinity Peak Performance coach identifies the areas required for development within your stroke, you will then practice the drills and techniques required to make the improvements in your stroke.  Perfect practice makes permanent.

At the end of the initial infinity Swim Analysis consultation, you will have with a video file of your swim stoke and full analysis.


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