Get The Edge

A 6-week program designed specifically to give you the ‘infinity EDGE’ from training and preparation to race day performance and post race recovery.
This program is unique in it's approach as specialist instructions guide you in how to harness the power of your breath, prevent injuries and improve your athletic performance.
The sessions of this program will be held in SATORI Wellness Centre, infinity Education Centre and at infinity Pool with Leo Ryan of innate-strength, Shirli Muldoon of Shirlí Yoga and Sean McDonnell of infinity Peak Performance.
Leo is a health performance and breathing specialist. Leo’s love and experience for health and physical performance has seen him research more than 50 breathing techniques, mentor with coaches to Olympians, UFC Fighters and World Champions and he undertook several internships with the world renowned Dr. Eric Serrano.
Shirli obtained her qualifications in a traditional ashram in India.  She furthered her training in both Ireland and the UK and has worked with various sporting groups including swimmers, runners and triathletes.  As a triathlete she understands the common problems associated with muscles that get overworked and under stretched.
Sean has a wealth of applied knowledge and training currently providing bespoke coaching to triathletes and open water swimmers devising training plans and analyzing their performance.  Sean has a  passion for helping athletes obtain their goals whether their aim is to complete their first race, complete a marathon distance swim or race at the world championships.
Wk 1  Tuesday October 8th - 7-8:30pm  -  Shirli Session 1
Wk 2  Tuesday October 15th – 7-8:30pm  -  Leo Session 1
Wk 3  Tuesday October 22nd - 7-8:30pm  -  Shirli Session 2
Wk 4  Tuesday October 29th – 7-8:30pm  -  Leo Session 2
Wk 5  Tuesday November 5th – 7-8:00pm  -  Sean Session 1
Wk 6  Tuesday November 12th -  7-8:00pm  - Sean Session 2
get the edge
Session 1 with Leo
Building the breath and beating fatigue
Breathe more efficiently
Train your Aerobic base smarter
Simulated Altitude Training at home
Improve your endurance
Reduce injury risk and spare your joints and tissues.
Feel better and perform better
Free Your Diaphgram to breathe efficiently
Build a better Aerobic base with CO2 tolerance training.
Breathe better, Sleep better, Recover better, perform better.
Session  2 with Leo
Getting a Running Start
Race Day Strategies
The ultimate visualisation technique: get your pre-event headstart.
Warming up your lungs effectively
A mid-event energy management system
Techniques to increase endurance
A body-mind technique to enhance visualisation and prepare your body
Warm up your respiratory system specifically for your event
The Vent Level System: How to use your breathing as a guide to your fatigue level (tip: it’s even more accurate than HR monitors)
Energy Boosters: How to change your breathing patterns to increase endurance
ASPB: How to use your breathing to reduce injury risk
Session 1 with Shirli
Arrive at the start line injury free
How to effectively lengthen the connective tissues
How to strengthen the joints prone to straining
How to prevent common injuries such as rotator cuff, achilles tendonitis, IT band syndrome and hamstring strain.
We will target the following areas:
Hips - one of the most challenging areas to open up as there are over a dozen muscles & connective tissues supporting these huge joints.
Hamstrings - when your hamstrings are tight they can effect just about every other physical activity. They are also associated with most lower back injuries.
Shoulders - if you spend long hours on your bike or performing a repetitive movement such as front crawl, chances are high that your shoulders are going to be pretty tight.
Back - A lot of time can be spent with the spine rounded forwards.  Backbends help create better posture, decreasing the likelihood of injury. Better posture allows  the breath to be more efficient aiding performance and recovery.
Wrists & Ankles - These areas are often neglected and are also the areas most prone to spraining and difficulties. Focus here will improve flexibility and strengthen these joints.
Session  2 with Shirli
Pre race warm up & post training recovery
Learn a short sequence that will help warm the major muscle groups preparing them for action.
Learn post race stretches which will alleviate race pains faster and aid in efficient recovery leaving you fresh and ready for your next race or training session.
Learn gentle, restorative yoga poses that will assist with lactic acid build up and shortened, tight muscles.
Session 1 with Sean
Creating a 365 day Training Plan
How to plan and structure your year to help foster success.
How to effectively train your base and create an endurance platform for peak performance.
Time Management- Mindset
Identifying Limiters and Strengths
How to improve your endurance
Followed up with a pool session Focusing on;
Improving your returns and maximising your pool time.
Key fundamentals for swim Success
Session 2 with Sean
Understanding key attributes and techniques to be a successful swimmer / triathlete
Race Day Strategies and warm up protocols.
The ultimate way to improve your technique without needing to be in a pool.
Pacing your event and setting yourself up for race day success.
Pool Based work: 
Putting theory into practice and understanding warm up protocol prior to racing.
Technique Feedback of each individual swimmer
Swim assessments for tracking and measuring progression.
What to wear:
For Leo and Shirli's sessions loose comfortable clothing. Mats will be supplied.
For Sean sessions swim suit / trunks, swim hat and goggles and some water.
infinity Peak Performance look forward to welcoming you to these 6 weeks with skilled and knowledgeable practitioners ensuring that you 'Get the Edge'.
To book:
Call us at infinity Swim Academy 028 30 838915 
Places limited
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