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Training Plans


Your infinity Peak Performance Training Plans are developed by infinity Peak Performance coaches aiming to help you arrive at your race in peak condition.

infinity Peak Performance Training Plans are created with detailed structured sessions and can be used with indoor smart trainers to help guide workouts and make training simple.

infinity Peak Performance Training Plans differ from infinity Peak Performance 1:1 custom training plan in that, the support and modifications to suit your life demands are not supported when on this plan.  infinity Peak Performance Training Plans provide you a one-off structured training schedule without the support from a coach.


What you get on these plans:

  • Initial self led fitness tests to establish accurate training zones.
  • Plans are based on available training hours so you can choose the plan which is best suited to your ability level and available time.
  • Structured workouts which can be linked to your smart trainer for indoor workouts. To make training easier.
  • Training peaks, basic account.


*A consultation can be made with our coaches if you require any advice or modifications need to be made to your plan due to injury/illness at an additional cost. Please email if you require more info regarding a consultation.